The Adult Panto – Jack and His Giant Stalk

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Sunday 16 Feb 2025, 7:30pm

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Taking the UK by storm since 2004, the Market Theatre’s Adult Panto Company are back on tour and out to corrupt another classic fairy tale beyond recognition with their unique style of Adult Panto.


Can the fearless company of just 3 actors hold it all together and pull off their very own adult version of Jack and the Beanstalk using a minimum of set props and costume?


Get ready for an evening of slick, fast-moving, farcical fun and bawdy sexual innuendo for adults only.


Not suitable for under 16’s.




‘Another very naughty “big” show, pulled off with ease – exactly what the audience expects!’ – A View from the stalls (on the Adult Panto Beauty and the Big Beast!)


‘It’s fast, furious and very funny…’ – Choice Radio, Worcester (on Hansel & Gretel Go Down in the Woods)


‘Some of the sketches are worthy of The Two Ronnies with their extensive wordplay, faultlessly delivered.’ – Choice Radio, Worcester (on Peter Panties)


 ‘Quintessentially British…Like a Carry On film made by a Rugby Club!’ 
- The Stage Newspaper


A FEW  OF THE MANY AUDIENCE COMMENTS – From Facebook and Instagram


‘Absolutely brilliant show tonight in Swindon – well worth a trip to see these amazing guys do what they do so well’ Steve Wilson (audience member watching ‘Little Red Riding…’)


Watched last night. Omg I cried laughing. Should come with a health warning for ladies of a certain age, too many tena lady moments! Fantastic timing! Fantastic cast and kudos to the writer too!’ Alison Marie (audience member watching ‘Little Red Riding…’)


‘A brilliant night out at the Castle. The trio worked tirelessly to bring us all a great show. Well done to them and we shall be there next year.’ Christopher Jones (audience member watching ‘Little Red Riding…’)


‘One of the best shows I’ve ever seen!!! I laughed so much I’ve pulled a muscle in my chest!’ Stacey Amy Callier (audience member watching ‘Little Red Riding…!’)


Sunday 16 Feb 2025, 7:30pm

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